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After most orthodontic treatments, teeth tend to want to go back to their original location, a retention phase helps prevent that. Retention phase is a very important step in maintaining successful results and keeping them throughout life. We, at North Oshawa Orthodontics, offer Fixed and Removable Retainers and we also offer Vivera Retainers from Invisalign [...]

Digital Records

Photos A set of digital photos may be taken at the beginning, mid-treatment, at the end of active treatment, and during retention phase. This is to help evaluate your malocclusion and to keep in your file as reference for your improvement and results. X-Rays 1) Panoramic X-Ray (PAN) This type of X-Ray device will rotate [...]

Traditional Braces

Also known as Stainless Steel Braces, some even call them train tracks! These are very popular with teenagers, as they love to have fun with the colors. Our latest technology appliances are engineered to precisely move your teeth to an ideal position using specific wires and elastics made with different materials in different sizes. Ask [...]

Ceramic Braces

Tooth colored braces are more popular with the adult population, as they are less visible and are a great option for anyone looking for a more aesthetic fixed option. We use a high quality appliance to ensure comfort, aesthetics and optimum results for our patients. Even with the ceramic brackets, you can still have fun [...]

Growth Guidance Appliances

This is a type of treatment for children, where a Phase I appliance may be indicated to make optimum use of their growing phase. With this treatment, we attempt to solve minor issues in occlusion that may prevent or minimize the future complications that could occur if they were left untreated. This treatment modality is [...]

Invisalign Clear Aligners

Aligners are made of a special plastic molded to fit precisely around your teeth. They come in a set of multiple trays where each aligner moves certain teeth a limited amount to reach the position wanted. This movement is digitally computerized where each aligner is individually customized to each patient's treatment plan. We use Invisalign [...]
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